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Typically, clinics opt for a palette of white and neutral tones, but we embarked on a daring departure by infusing the clinic with the vibrant hues of our logo and incorporating graphic illustrations.

Building upon the initial concept, we delved deeper to elevate the theme and style to new heights. A bold teal blue was chosen to adorn a quarter of the walls, extending seamlessly to the ceiling. This strategic placement not only draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of spaciousness and higher ceilings, but also injects a bold splash of color without overwhelming the space, adding a trendy graphic edge.

The graphic journey continued as we painted three arches in Metallic Gold, imparting a boho-chic ambiance throughout the space. This aesthetic flowed into every facet, from accessories to modern graphic and geometric canvases juxtaposed against the bold teal backdrop and crisp white surroundings, emphasizing clear shapes and lines.

Project Highlights

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